The Department of Veteran Affairs

Special Adapted Housing

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Special Adapted Housing (SAH) program is a vital initiative designed to assist eligible veterans with severe service-connected disabilities in adapting or acquiring homes to enhance their accessibility and independence. SAH provides financial assistance to eligible veterans, enabling them to make necessary modifications to their residences or obtain specially adapted homes. These adaptations may include features such as stairlifts, elevators, wheelchair ramps, widened doorways, and accessible bathrooms, tailored to address the unique needs of veterans with significant disabilities. This program aims to improve the quality of life for veterans by creating housing solutions that accommodate their physical challenges and promote greater self-sufficiency. Eligible veterans can apply for SAH to receive grants that help make their homes more conducive to their specific needs.

To obtain specific and up-to-date contact information for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Special Adapted Housing program, we recommend visiting the official VA website or contacting the VA directly. As information changes, it’s important to verify the details on the official website.

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Additionally, you may also consider reaching out to your local VA office or contacting the VA’s main information line for assistance. They can guide you to the appropriate resources and provide the most accurate and current contact details.

Always ensure that you are using official and verified channels when seeking contact information for government programs.

If you’ve served and are living with a service-connected disability, contact the VA today to see if you qualify for the SAH program. Then call Brackmann Construction, Inc. to help you get the planning and estimating process underway.